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MEDUZA have spent the last 2 years leading the charge in returning house music to daytime radio across the globe with great success. They are the biggest global streaming Italian artist in the history of music on both Spotify and Apple Music in Italy, a quite staggering achievement for a 2 year old act.

Their debut release, ‘Piece Of Your Heart’ featuring Goodboys, has now seen over 2 billion streams globally, reaching the top 10 of the official charts in 20 countries. Certificated in 23 countries with multi Diamond, Platinum and Gold around the world and a the icing on the cake in 2019 a GRAMMY nomination in the best dance recording category.

The follow up single, ‘Lose Control’ with Goodboys and Becky Hill, made an unprecedented impact, reaching the UK Top40 in its first week, also notching upward of 2 billion cumulative streams, again top 10 in multiple countries and certifications in the same. A pattern being established!!

These headline successes are also bolstered by an impressive catalogue of hand picked remixes for the likes of MK, R+, Dermot Kennedy and John Legend, displaying not only Meduza’s signature sound and energy, but also the raw ability to create a stand out club releases whenever called upon.

Move forward to late 2020 and the release of Meduza’s 3rd single “Paradise” featuring Dermot Kennedy has seen a repeat of the first 2 singles, 20 weeks after release it’s certificated already in 14 countries, top 10 in most of them and already amassed nearly 400 million streams across all platforms. It entered the global top 50 on Spotify and has remained there for 15 weeks straight. The Meduza juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down.

The touring diary for Meduza showed an almost insatiable demand for the hottest act in dance music before the pandemic struck with Fabric (London), Elrow, TOFFLER (Rotterdam) and Warehouse Project (Manchester), Green Valley Brazil, Exchange LA, EDC Mexico amongst others. Offers for 2021 and 2022 are at a level where Meduza will be recognised as one of the biggest house music artists in the world. Global domination awaits for this humble Italian trio